We support companies in the

organization, implementation,

and promotion of the events

From the idea to the final realization. We are specialized in creating events, from sports to bank and non-bank, for a branding activity, public relations and press office, for the event and for the company itself. In tune with the company’s marketing and communication department, we work for the conception of the campaign also on social media, integrating all aspects of modern communication. Timely organization, appropriate and competent interlocutors, coordinated to align the ideas and objectives of the company’s success.

Moouly & Co. offers the customer a unique, safe and competent solution to successfully design and manage the event.


– Ideation, creation and feasibility study of the event
– Strategic analysis of the event
– Concept design, location identification, verification and budget management
– Sport events
– Institutional bank and non-bank conferences
– P.R.
– Social media


– Pressmanagement
– Newsletter (content, development and setup)
– Press release
– Press review